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Every few days, a random subscriber gets an invitation to recommend their favorite feed to everyone.

Here is your custom Atom/RSS feed, add it to your feed reader to subscribe and please don't share.

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How does work? is an blog lottery where subscribers are randomly selected to submit a blog for recommendation to the rest of the subscriber base. Most weeks, subscribers receive a post in their feed about a new cool blog to follow. Occasionally, they'll receive a solicitation asking them to recommend a blog for everyone to follow. The goal of the site is to help people discover new and interesting blogs.

What blogs should be submitted?

The goal is to find new, interesting, fun, thoughtful, and inspiring blogs to follow. There isn't a strict topical limit. Submissions could include blogs featuring unique personal art, fascinating personal travel experiences, semi-professional work or producing fine hypertext products. The aim is to showcase a wide array of interesting perspectives from individual authors. The feed is lightly moderated to ensure there's no spam or obvious security concerns with incoming links, but content is presented as submitted.

What inspired was inspired by Kleroteria a similar email lottery service hosted by Simon, which was itself inspired by an earlier project. Emails from Kleroteria have been some of the most meanful writing on the internet in a while, and you should check it out and subscribe.

What feed formats are available? specifically outputs an Atom feed designed for RSS/Atom readers and doesn't have any webpages to reflect it's content. There are a great number of open source or commercial RSS/Atom feed readers that are recommended if you don't already have one. Miniflux is open source and self hostable and is highly recommended.

How is made? is written in OCaml and hosted at At some point in the future, the goal is to release it as an open source project on github.

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